Double Membrane Gas Cover

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The main advantages of the double membrane gas covers is that it significantly improves storage and utilisation capacity of the tank and is therefore considered to be highly effective cover for biogas projects.

Reliant Installations supplies and installs high-quality double membrane gas covers which can be fitted to new tanks or retrofitted to most existing biogas tanks. The cover comprises of two membranes or foils which can be customised to different thicknesses to suit local weather conditions at the location of the installed tank. The outer foil or membrane is built to provide protection from rain and snow by blowing air into the space between the inner and outer foil while the inner foil or membrane floats up and down depending on the amount of gas produced and pressure generated inside the tank.

The cover provides highly stable and effective protection from adverse weather and has demonstrated reliable performance results. We have installed many of these covers on tanks with encouraging results in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and long-term cost savings for our customers.