Biogas Tanks

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Fulfilling energy efficiency needs

During our partnership with the biogas industry since its start in the UK, we have supplied and installed Digesters and tanks of varying capacities, sizes and specifications as well as undertaken extensive civil construction works. Reliant Installations has contributed to some of the most prestigious Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biogas projects in the UK, including onsite installation and erection of tanks for energy plants as large as 500Kw and beyond.

We offer turnkey solutions for the AD and biogas industry in terms of providing civil works for tank bases and ancillary concrete through to final installation of the tank and cover including insulation and cladding. The diverse experience in tank erection and civil works of our highly skilled engineering crews is complemented by a sophisticated jacking system that ensures efficiency, safety and on-time completion of projects within budget.

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Civil construction and groundwork

Our engineering crews possess the technical expertise, skills and knowledge to integrate all essential aspects involved in a green-field site project. We prepare the base area and any other concrete ancillary areas, lay pipes, ducts and electric cables, and cast reinforced concrete bases to meet prescribed standards and specifications.

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We supply and install PermastoreĀ® Glass-fused-to-Steel tanks of any dimension or specification onto reinforced concrete bases. We can also customise these tanks in a variety of colours to meet local planning recommendations and restrictions, and also install cladding and insulation to the tank as well as to the roof of the digester, depending on the roof type.

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Biogas roofs

We can supply and install different roof types according to project needs or customer specifications.

– Double membrane gas cover for gas collection on top of the digester tank
– Biogas dome freestanding units
– Stainless Steel framed single membrane tension cover
– PermastoreĀ® Glass-fused-to-Steel pressure roof